Agro Loan

AccessBank offers Agro loans to individual farmers ranging from 100,000/- to 25, 000,000/- TZS aimed to offer adequate and timely financial support to farmers to enhance their agricultural activities (Inputs supply, Labor, Farm Equipment, Investments etc.

Agro loan process



  • Very fast process: 3 days to get your loan!
  • Flexible repayment plan adapted to the individual farming activities and monthly cash-flow
  • No necessity to have an account at the bank  
  • Full transparency  and no corruption


Terms and conditions:

  • Requirements: Tanzanian of more than 18 years old cultivating and living in the branch operating area for more than 2 years
  • Required documents: One among the voting ID, passport, driving license, mwenyekiti/ward letter + business license (if you have a business)
  • Collateral: livestock, home and business items, house, fields, motor vehicles… 



  • Mwanza: Kitengo maalumu cha mikopo KISESA mkabala na kituo cha polisi Kisesa
  • Kahama branch: Isaka Road, Majengo
  • Tabora branch: Isikie Road jengo la NSSF
  • Mbeya branch: Mafiati, Tunatazamana na chuo cha Uhasibu (TIA)