AccessBank Marks a Decade of ‘Relationships Beyond Banking’
Posted By: Magdalena R. Kijuu Last Update by:29, November 2017

AccessBank Marks a Decade of ‘Relationships Beyond Banking’ AccessBank Tanzania embarked on its journey in November 2007 with a single branch and then later expanded to 13 branches across Tanzania. The bank has etched a glorious milestone in Tanzania’s banking sector. Operations started in Temeke with our first branch, 5 years later, an induction of 6 more branches across Dar es Salaam (Lumumba, Manzese, Kijitonyama, Tabata, Mbagala and Mkunguni). During the first half of the decade AccessBank Tanzania introduced its first SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) loans facilities as well as initiate ATM services that made.


What happened in the next half of the decade can only be described as history in the making, as we doubled the number of outlets/branches across Tanzania. Our first upcountry branch opened in Mwanza 2013, along Nyerere road, followed by Kahama, Tabora, Mbeya and Iringa regions respectively. This last decade also saw us reach our Agro clients through our first Agro Loan Outlet in Kisesa – Mwanza, and we improved our services by opening our own Customer Support Centre. Today AccessBank Tanzania has total assets of over TZS 200 billion as of June 2017, 70,000 mobile banking subscribers, 300,000 deposit clients, 200 agents, 30,000 borrowers and more than 700 staff working diligently. What a milestone achieved.


AccessBank Tanzania’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bernd Zattler said, “Going from establishment of operations in 2007 (1st branch in Temeke) to scale-up, calls for a celebration. It also calls for improvement and change because without question another 10 more years requires greater accomplishments ahead. The journey began with 1 branch and a few staff to now 13 branches across Tanzania, we have even raised our SME loans upto TZS 5.5 billion. We have grown, however, when we talk about growth, I don’t mean in terms of space or profit. People ask us how we maintained or stayed motivated through the last 10 years in a competitive industry that is embodied with change and innovation. I estimate we had a point to prove. Naturally, we are deeply encouraged as a bank by our customers and their enthusiasm that we have served over the past 10 years. We truly embrace our role as a financial establishment that we are here to serve the people of Tanzania, through innovative banking services by promoting financial inclusion. Our plan is to serve the people of Tanzania and this is by no means complete as we at Accessbank believe that it is both achievable and necessary. Along this fantastic journey, we thank first and foremost our customers, for being there all along and without whom nothing could have been made; but also importantly our loyal staff, our shareholders, as well as the Bank of Tanzania and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania for creating and supporting a competitive environment conducive to business. We are truly thankful for all of our success and we expect the future to be even brighter.