ZATTLER, Bernd (Chairman of the Board, appointed Aug. 2017)

Nationality: German


Dr. Bernd Zattler studied Economics and Political Sciences in Berlin and Paris. In his PhD he used information theory and political economics to build a theory of development finance. Prior to founding LFS GmbH in 1997 and AccessHolding in 2006 he has been working in the private and public sector. He is overseeing the African network of AccessBanks and chairs the Board of Directors of AccessBank Tanzania, Madagascar, Nigeria and Liberia. He is also the CEO of AccessHolding in Berlin.

RUBAMBEY, Grace (Member of the Board, appointed Dec. 2011)

Nationality: Tanzanian


Ms. Rubambey is an economist and a rural microfinance practitioner with 40 years of experience in areas including regional integration, program coordination, institution building, financial markets, rural finance and microfinance. Currently she works on contract after her retirement in 2006 from the Central Bank of Tanzania as a Director in a Governor’s office. Before that she was working with the Central Bank  for 28 years in different roles including Director of Microfinance (1998-2005), Director of Banking (1997-1998), Director of Financial Markets (1995-1997), Director of Administration (1994-1995), Director of Rural Finance (1992-1994), Secretary General of AFRACA (1984-1989) and Manager Banking commission (1989- 1991). She has also served as member of the Tanzania National Economic Empowerment Council, advisory board of the President’s Empowerment Fund and board of Pearl Microfinance Ltd (Uganda). Ms. Rubambey holds a BS and M.Sc. in Economics from Kent State University, Ohio, USA.

Hon. Justice T. Mihayo (Member of the Board, appointed Aug. 2012)

Nationality: Tanzanian


Justice Mihayo is a retired judge who has been working in the law industry for more than 35 years. He started his career as a Resident Magistrate in Tanzania, he has held several law-related roles in various organizations in Tanzania including Registrar with the High Court of Tanzania, Principal Corporation Counsel with Tanzania Legal Corporation, Registrar with Lart Recovery Tribunal and 6 years as Judge with the High Court of Tanzania. Justice Mihayo has served as board member with several institutions in Tanzania including the Media Council of Tanzania, Tanzania Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) and SINOTASHIP. He is also the president of the Tanzania Retired Judges Association (TARJA)

SCHWIETE, Mark (Member of the Board, appointed Dec. 2014)

Nationality: German


Dr. Schwiete has been working with KfW for more than 12 years since he joined as a manager for projects on urban upgrading, renewable energies and financial sector development in the Middle Eastern and North African region in 2001. Currently he is the head of Division position of Eastern Africa, Africa Union and Democratic Republic of Congo. And he has already held different senior positions at KFW. Dr. Schwiete began his professional career with the Hypo-Bank in Germany  in 1984 and   late 1997, he joined the Dresdner Bank in Frankfurt , serving for three years as the Senior Economist for country risk analysis in the emerging markets division of the bank. His post combined professorial and public relations duties with methodological work on the improvement of country risk analysis. Dr Schwiete holds several memberships in supervisory boards of microfinance funds and banks, including the Global Microfinance Facility, La Fayette Investissement, Access Microfinance Holding and Pro Credit Bank Macedonia. Dr holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Master of Arts in Economic Studies and a Ph.D. in Economics on the topic of financial sector reform in eastern Europe from the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Nürnberg. He speaks English and French.

MURA, Marco (Member of the Board, appointed Aug. 2017)

Nationality: German


Mr. Marco Mura, since January 2015 has been working as Head of the Group Accounting & Reporting Department at Access Microfinance Holding AG in Berlin. He previously worked for several years as an Investment Officer at BlueOrchard Finance S.A., an impact investment firm in Switzerland, held the position of Regional CFO for the African operations and the position of Head of Group Accounting & Taxation for the ProCredit Group and worked for 4 years as auditor in the financial service industry with KPMG Luxembourg. Mr. Mura holds a German university diploma and a BSc in International Business Administration, qualified as Chartered Accountant at the ICAEW and speaks German, English, French and Spanish.

JAMES, David (Member of the Board, appointed June. 2018)

Nationality: British


Mr. David James is a risk management professional and business consultant having first developed his expertise as a Commercial Banker for over 30 years with Barclays Bank in the UK and later in Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Over 12 years of experience in heading up Credit and Risk Departments in both a Commercial Bank as well as a Development Bank, covering both Corporate and Retail. He has held board positions for Barclays Bank Kenya Ltd as well as Pepsi Cola Uganda, Musoni Kenya, UGAFODE Uganda and Oxus Afghanistan. An expert in managing Microfinance Institutions, having set up a green-field regulated microfinance bank in 2007 as CEO of AccessBank Tanzania Ltd and then in 2010 as CEO of the First MicroFinance Institution-Syria, Mr. James now specializes as an independent and freelance consultant in Governance and Risk Management for Financial Institutions in Africa and the Middle East and is also an associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (A.C.I.B.)

MAINHARDT, Johannes (Member of the Board, appointed June. 2018)

Nationality: German


Mr. Johannes Mainhardt is an expert in investment, risk and financial advisory, he has worked in the banking industry for more than 11 years. He has worked with Deutche Bank (Germany), MSME Finance Consultant with AccessBank Azerbaijan, SME Advisor & Branch Manager with AccessBank Liberia, Financial & Operations Manager of AccessBank Tajikistan, Chief Credit & Operations Officer/ Deputy CEO of AB MFB Nigeria for 2 years, Senior Banking Advisor at LFS and Finance & Risk Director at JSC Credo Bank, and is currently the Head of an Investment Unit at AccessHolding of which he has held the position for 8 years now. Mr. Yohannes also has experience in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) loan Management, Product Development and Implementation, Retail Banking, Strategy and Business as well as Marketing.