ENGELHARDT, Thomas (Chairman of the Board, appointed Feb. 2019)

Nationality: German


Mr. Engelhardt is AccessHolding’s Chief Operations Officer. He joined LFS Advisory GmbH as a Partner in 1996 and has served on the AccessHolding management board since its foundation in 2006. He was also the first General Manager of AccessBank Azerbaijan and held other managerial positions in Berlin and abroad. Mr Engelhardt has an M.Sc degree in Economics, and speaks German, English, Russian and Serbo-Croat.

KIBONDE, Tusekile (Member of the Board, appointed Dec. 2018)

Nationality: Tanzanian


Ms. Kibonde currently works at African Trade Insurance (ATI), since August 2013 as the underwriter responsible for Tanzania. She is in charge of developing business and underwriting political and trade credit risk policies in Tanzania in addition to managing energy sector transactions in all ATI markets. Ms. Kibonde has over 13 years of banking industry experience working with the East African Development Bank (EADB), where she rose to the position of Senior Investment Officer. At EADB, Ms. Kibonde oversaw multi-million dollar projects in multiple sectors throughout the region. Her responsibilities included extensive risk analyses, project appraisal and portfolio management while also developing new business and investment opportunities. She was credited for contributing to the growth and quality of EADB’s portfolio. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Accounting and Financial Management from the University of Essex in the United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Richmond College in the United Kingdom.

BASH, Jennifer (Member of the Board, appointed Dec. 2018)
Nationality: Tanzanian


Jennifer Bash is a renowned Tanzanian agri-business entrepreneur and a marketing expert committed towards making agriculture production a sustainable and profitable business across the value chains that she engages with.
She is the Founder and CEO of Alaska Tanzania, a food manufacturing company that operates through agro processing and trading commodities. Alaska Tanzania’s business model involves empowering smallholder farmers by improving access to markets, providing relevant information and adaptation of global best practices.
Jennifer launched Alaska Tanzania in 2011 and has grown the company to incorporate various segments including grains, poultry and processed foods distributed in over 5 African countries with a mission to reach 20 by 2025.
Jennifer is also the Founder and Managing Partner of AgriSoko- a digital platform that connects farmers and vendors to fair, trusted markets across Africa and Founder of Mama Alaska Jamii- A not for profit organization that provides farmers and micro-businesses in Tanzania access to markets, financial products and services, capacity building programs and equip them with essential business development skills that are pertinent to their business growth.
Jennifer dedicates her efforts to building strategic collaborations within Agriculture stakeholders in the public and private sectors that impacts the bottom of the pyramid with the mission to improve business economics and profitability across agriculture supply chains.
She is driven to see agriculture as the backbone of African economies develops to its full potential. She has participated in a number of panel discussions across Africa and globally, sharing her insights and contributing towards the critical conversations on the transformation of Africa through agriculture and the role local and international partners can assume.
Her work has been featured on a range of international and local media outlets including How We Made It in Africa: The Book, with other distinguished 24 African entrepreneurs leading change in their communities.
Jennifer who is a mom of 3, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Marketing from Baruch College, New York. She also serves as a member of the Tanzania Entrepreneurship Competitiveness Centre (TECC) Board of Trustees, member of the Board of Resolution Insurance as a Non-Executive Director and a member of the board of AccessBank Tanzania Limited as an Independent Director.
Some of her other accolades include:
– 2017 East Africa Young Business Leader by All Africa Business Leaders Awards (AABLA2017)
– 2016 Women’s Award of Excellence in Agribusiness Sector by Clouds Media Group
– 2016 VV Grow Fellow by Vital Voices
– 2014 Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Alumni
– 2017 Member of the Africa List Tanzania Working Group.

SCHWIETE, Mark(Member of the Board, appointed Dec. 2014)

Nationality: German


Dr. Schwiete has been working with KfW for more than 12 years since he joined as a manager for projects on urban upgrading, renewable energies and financial sector development in the Middle Eastern and North African region in 2001. Currently he is the head of Division position of Eastern Africa, Africa Union and Democratic Republic of Congo. And he has already held different senior positions at KFW. Dr. Schwiete began his professional career with the Hypo-Bank in Germany  in 1984 and   late 1997, he joined the Dresdner Bank in Frankfurt , serving for three years as the Senior Economist for country risk analysis in the emerging markets division of the bank. His post combined professorial and public relations duties with methodological work on the improvement of country risk analysis. Dr Schwiete holds several memberships in supervisory boards of microfinance funds and banks, including the Global Microfinance Facility, La Fayette Investissement, Access Microfinance Holding and Pro Credit Bank Macedonia. Dr holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Master of Arts in Economic Studies and a Ph.D. in Economics on the topic of financial sector reform in eastern Europe from the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Nürnberg. He speaks English and French.

MAINHARDT, Johannes (Member of the Board, appointed June. 2018)

Nationality: German


Mr. Johannes Mainhardt is an expert in investment, risk and financial advisory, he has worked in the banking industry for more than 11 years. He has worked with Deutche Bank (Germany), MSME Finance Consultant with AccessBank Azerbaijan, SME Advisor & Branch Manager with AccessBank Liberia, Financial & Operations Manager of AccessBank Tajikistan, Chief Credit & Operations Officer/ Deputy CEO of AB MFB Nigeria for 2 years, Senior Banking Advisor at LFS and Finance & Risk Director at JSC Credo Bank, and is currently the Head of an Investment Unit at AccessHolding of which he has held the position for 8 years now. Mr. Yohannes also has experience in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) loan Management, Product Development and Implementation, Retail Banking, Strategy and Business as well as Marketing.

ROHLER, Martin (Member of the Board, appointed Feb. 2019)

Nationality: German


Martin has worked in small business and green finance for the past 18 years. He has held a range of senior positions as manager, advisor and board member and disposes of a proven track record in change management and strategy adjustment. He looks at problems from an opportunity angle and has a demonstrated ability to work under stress, tight deadlines and in challenging conditions in cross-cultural environments. Martin holds a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Humboldt University in Berlin and the University of Minnesota. He has worked for LFS Financial Systems (the managing company of AccessHolding) since 2000 and has become a staff member of AccessHolding as of 2018. He was Credit Manager and Acting CEO of Socremo Banco de Microfinanças in 2003-2007, Manager of Advisory Services at LFS from 2007 to 2012 and Rural Finance Manager for AccessGroup from 2012 to 2017. In early 2018 to end of 2018, Martin was CEO of AccessBank Tanzania. Since 2014 he is also sitting on the Board of AB Microfinance Bank Zambia.