Access Nufaika Account (ANA) – It’s about YOU.


Nufaika (Swahili) meaning “benefit”, this account targets businesses/individuals who are keen to save and manage transactional fees on day to day banking.  Why should you be charged monthly or whenever you need a statement or even to make an EFT payment. This is a burden to any company/individual, being constantly charged.

Access Nufaika can be opened by Entrepreneurs, Corporate, Partnerships, Clubs, Societies, NGO’s or even individuals with frequent transactional needs. Looking to save on costs? Nufaika is the best solution for your transactional needs.

Account Specifications;


  1. Can be opened in TZS or USD currencies
  2. Minimum Balance of TZS 500,000 (TZS account) and USD 500 for USD account
  3. Monthly statements
  4. Cheque book
  5. AccessMobile




  1. No monthly ledger fee
  2. Free cheque book issued
  3. Free Local Telegraphic Transfer inwards or outwards
  4. Free bank statement for upto 6 months
  5. Free standing orders internally
  6. Free bulk payment processing (Salaries, other monthly expenses)
  7. Free EFT payments
  8. Mobile banking services


Visit a branch near you to find out more about Access Nufaika Account.

For further details contact


+255 659 074 000 / +255 784 108 500